Over 35 Years of Experience

Always Rugged.
Always Reliable.

Our rugged products are built for extreme environments around the world and are built to last.

Dairyland Electrical Industries is the world’s leading manufacturer of solid-state decoupling products used to isolate cathodically protected structures from grounding systems or other equipment, while simultaneously providing safety grounding for AC fault current and lightning.

At Dairyland, it’s not just about selling great products. We pride ourselves on being a reliable resource for complete technical guidance on applications relating to isolation, grounding, over-voltage protection and related issues. We’ll make sure your questions are thoroughly researched, that you understand the answers, and that you know how to proceed…even if you don’t end up needing our products.

Our values-driven culture and commitment to continual improvement position Dairyland to continue to deliver the exceptional product quality and service our customers around the world have come to expect.

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People Have Inherent Value

At Dairyland we are compelled to live out our beliefs that all people have value and seek to make a global impact through our mission, vision and values.


We are the definitive source of specialized electrical solutions, readily sharing our expertise with industry while investing resources to advance global relief and development.


We Live Engaged to Make a Safer World.


We believe people have inherent value.
• Invest in the person.
• Give generously.
• Serve with excellence.
• Be solution-oriented.

With Your Help, We Are
Making A Safer World

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