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Galvanic Isolators

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Galvanic Isolators

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Dairyland Galvanic Isolators are fail-safe, solid-state DC isolation/ AC coupling devices that will prevent galvanic corrosion from occurring on your vessel. Our proven devices feature ratings and characteristics that significantly surpass all marine industry requirements ensuring long-life and lasting performance. Proven fail-safe construction assures that the galvanic isolator never compromises the integrity of the grounding conductor, even in the unlikely case of the product failing.

Shore Power Size
50/60A (Also Suitable for Dual 30A Service)
100A (Also Suitable for Dual 50A Service)

Review the Technical Literature for full AC steady-state current info.

AC Fault Current Ratings
3kA for 13 Cycles
5kA for 10 cycles
5kA for 198 cycles
5kA for 198 cycles
Environmental Rating
30A and 50/60A Models: IP68
100A and 200A Models: NEMA 4X
Peak Voltage
All Models: +/- 1.0V
Lightning Surge Current
30A Models: 75kA Peak (4 x 10µs waveform)
All Other Models: 100kA Peak (4 x 10µs waveform)
Imanna Labs:
Certified to July 2008 changes to ABYC A-28 (Effective date 2009)
Certified to fail-safe criteria Ignition Protected CE Marine - ISO 8846

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