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Always Rugged. Always Reliable.

At Dairyland, our goal since 1983 has been to make a safer, more perfect world.From our beginnings solving stray voltage issues on dairy farms, to our global impact in the pipeline and high power industries, we have decades of experience building rugged, reliable products that last.


Building Products That Last

Why are Dairyland products so remarkably rugged? Our engineers have designed decouplers that can sustain the efficiency of your corrosion protection system, while also ensuring a safe path to ground for any harmful current. Our decouplers are manufactured using the highest quality materials and components, making sure that no environment is too extreme for their rugged construction. They have a proven track record of performance in some of the world’s most demanding applications.

Our philosophy, then, is really quite simple, even a bit contrarian compared to other manufacturers: Build decouplers that don’t fail. When you purchase a Dairyland product, you get more than a box and a decoupler. You’re purchasing a failure rate of less than 0.005% and a virtually unlimited lifespan. You are investing in safety for your equipment and personnel through our fail-safe design. Dairyland’s products require no maintenance, saving you time and money no matter how harsh the location.

Don’t take our word for it—just let our record and experience speak for itself. We pioneered solid-state decoupling technology and our products have undergone extensive third-party testing and certification globally, making sure you receive the strongest product on the market

After you receive your Dairyland decoupler, the story isn’t over. Keep reading to learn more about our commitment to providing reliable supportYou can reach our teams here: Contact Us or by calling 608-877-9900.

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