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How Do I Know Which Dairyland Product To Use?

Wondering which of our products you need for your application?  You aren’t alone!  Our lineup of products offers a wide range of product features and ratings to cover a diverse set of applications, and it can be confusing to identify what products you should consider.

Do You Need a Decoupler or an Over-Voltage Protector?

Decouplers are commonly used to isolate cathodically protected structures from other equipment grounding systems, enhancing the cathodic protection system’s performance. They also perform a function of safely grounding induced AC, fault current and lightning. Over-Voltage Protectors provide the same DC isolation and protection from fault current and lightning but are not designed to address induced AC current.

Therefore, the first question to ask when selecting a Dairyland product family is whether there is (now or could be in the future) any induced AC voltage present. Induced AC commonly occurs on structures in close proximity to overhead powerlines. If the answer is yes, or if you are unsure, you should select a decoupler to address any present or future issues with induced AC.

What Hazardous Location Classification Do You Have?

Commonly used products like the SSD, PCR and PCRX are designated as Division 2 or Zone 2 products.  This is a common hazardous location designation, where explosive gases and vapors are not typically present. Occasionally, sites are designated as Division 1 or Zone 1 and are rated for hazardous environments where explosive gasses and vapors are commonly present.

You’ll need to have some knowledge of how your site is classified, but this information should help you narrow your product selection down to a specific product family. You can learn more about hazardous locations here.

Using the chart below, you can easily identify product families appropriate for the conditions of your site.

product matrix


Choosing a Specific Decoupler Model

After following these guidelines, if you have determined that your application calls for a decoupler, you can then proceed with selecting the specific model number using the configuration tools provided on each product’s webpage. Dairyland’s full lineup of decouplers offers a range of fault current ratings, steady-state current ratings, and additional features. Using the chart below, you can evaluate the available options for each decoupler.

Notably, the PCRX line is the only product line to feature our sophisticated camouflage technology designed to eliminate the influence of decoupler capacitance on instant-off measurements during interrupted surveys. You can learn more about identifying sites that may require the PCRX here: When do I need a PCRX?

Choosing Decoupler Ratings

Several criteria are required to select the proper decoupler ratings. Dairyland technical support teams are always willing to assist you with selecting the proper model numbers for your application.  Additionally, we have numerous articles available to assist you.

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Understanding Voltage Threshold Ratings

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