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The ISP is the original solid-state AC conducting/DC blocking device designed for the corrosion prevention industry and features the most flexible and wide range of product ratings and applications available to the market. The ISP provides the widest range of features and ratings, including the highest levels of AC fault-handling capability – up to the highest typical transmission system faults making it the preferred product for power utility underground cable decoupling/bonding requirements.

AC Fault Current (AMPERES-RMS) 50/60Hz
35kA at 1 cycle
68kA at 1 cycle
118kA at 1 cycle

Review the Technical Literature for full fault current tables.

AC Steady-State Current (Amperes - RMS) 50HZ

* 120A rating available only with 118 fault current catalog code

Environmental Rating
NEMA 4X or 6P
Threshold Voltage
Lightning Surge Current
75kA crest (8 x 20 µs waveform)
100kA (optional)

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