Airport Fueling Systems Isolation/Bonding


Your airport fueling system requires cathodic protection to prevent corrosion. Underground piping is typically sectionalized via insulated joints to maintain proper levels of DC current. However, during an AC fault or lightning event, arcing can occur across a joint with high levels of current, causing damage to your equipment and personnel.

If your system contains motors or other electrical equipment, their grounding systems can inadvertently short CP current flow to ground, reducing overall efficiency of the CP system. You need a device that can solve safety and efficiency issues and withstand hazardous conditions.


Dairyland offers several solutions to protect against over-voltage while maintaining CP current. You can protect insulated joints, using an appropriately rated over-voltage protector such as our OVP or OVP2. Rated to handle AC fault current and lightning protection, will simultaneously block the flow of DC current, maintaining your cathodic protection system. The OVP and OVP2 (Division 2) are UL listed and specified by the US Army Corp of Engineers for worldwide use in military airport fueling systems. Their fail-safe design ensures the safety of your personnel during a fault event, and the solid-state components give our devices a virtually unlimited lifespan.

For airport fueling systems that also include grounded motors or electrical equipment, please review Decoupling Electric Equipment.

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