Cassie Bohn

Marketing Coordinator


If you could give yourself a new title, what would it be?
Cozy Office Aficionado

What is your favorite part of your job?
Working with my amazing team

Which is your favorite Dairyland cow?
Space cow!

—  —  —  —  —  —  —  —  —

When not working, what can we find you doing?
Spending time with family or friends, hanging in the Northwoods, eating, reading or watching anything fantasy/sci-fi related, or playing video games.

What are you passionate about?
Quality design and pushing myself to get better at that each day, taking care of one’s mental and physical health, keeping my plants alive.

How do you Live Engaged?
I think it’s important to expand your own world view and perceptions and step outside of yourself, so I try to work to understand people or places that experience a completely different life than my own, and look for ways to help if needed.

How/where do you volunteer?
Second Harvest food bank in Madison.

—  —  —  —  —  —  —  —  —

Favorite tv show: Gilmore Girls

Favorite movie(s): Back to the Future trilogy

Favorite video game: The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom & Animal Crossing. I couldn’t choose.

Favorite food: Anything cheesy

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