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Since 1983, our goal at Dairyland has been to make a safer world. This is accomplished not only by manufacturing rugged and reliable products, but also through a solution-oriented culture that provides exceptional customer service and support. We believe in using business for good, and through our Live Engaged initiative we live intentionally to positively impact the world around us.

We formed the Live Engaged Community to unite people throughout our industry who are also responding to needs in their own circles, communities, and around the globe. Thank you for joining us to use our collective influence for good.




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Members of the community often volunteer or find ways to address needs that matter to them personally. If you’re looking for ideas to help get you started, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered here.

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Live Engaged Volunteer Day

Partner with community members around the globe for Live Engaged Volunteer Day (LEVD). This service event occurs annually in October. Don’t let the name fool you – LEVD lasts for an entire week! To join, choose an organization that matters to you, and sign up to volunteer in your community. These small yet significant acts not only strengthen our individual communities, they unite our industry to make a positive difference in our world. Sign up for the next Volunteer Day here.

Annual Wellness Challenge

Every year from May to October, we participate in a themed community challenge to boost our physical and emotional health. Whether your preferred method of exercise is walking, running, biking, or line dancing, there’s a spot for you. Those who complete the six-month challenge will receive a custom patch to commemorate the achievement. Join the community and stay tuned for more information about this year’s challenge. You can read about our 2023 wellness challenge here.