Isolation Joint Protection


Isolation joints are a common way to isolate sections of pipeline and retain adequate CP voltage. However, they are vulnerable to over-voltage damage from lightning or AC fault events. Voltage can build to dangerous levels on one side of the joint, causing personnel hazards and eventual failure of the insulation. Current can arc over the joint and potentially ignite flammable materials inside the pipeline. Damaged areas must be repaired to ensure full insulation and can occur along miles of pipeline, adding to your operation’s maintenance costs.


Dairyland supplies a range of devices to protect isolation joints from lightning and AC fault current by limiting the voltage to safe levels and providing a conduction path around the joint. At the same time, a Dairyland decoupler or OVP device will also block DC voltage from cathodic protection on your pipeline, maintaining appropriate CP levels to prevent corrosion. Our fail-safe design will always protect your technicians and equipment from dangerous levels of voltage and will never require maintenance.

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