Lindsey Vonn-Moo

Ski Cow | 2023

Name: Lindsey Vonn-Moo

Fun fact: Lindsey Vonn grew up skiing in Milton, Wisconsin at her grandparents’ house. She is now a world-famous skier. Her grandfather Don Kildow built the first ski hill around Milton.

FKA: Ski Cow

Job Title: Motivational Skier

Hometown: Denver, CO

Favorite part of your job: I mean, as a cow, it is pretty incredible that I am even able to ski.

Hobbies: Drinking hot chocolate with extra milk & shredding the gnar.

Favorite Place to Ski: St. Mooritz in Switzerland

Favorite quote: “It is all downhill from here”

Anything else? With great powder comes great responsibility.

First Appearance: 2023 AMPP Annual Conference | Denver, CO

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