Tim Bechtel

Business Development Leader


If you could give yourself a new title, what would it be? 
Confucius of Decoupling

What is your favorite part of your job?
Connecting with people and guiding them to solve their own questions.

Which is your favorite Dairyland cow?
The limited-edition graduate cow. Otherwise, the beach cow.

—  —  —  —  —  —  —  —  —

When not working, what can we find you doing?
Running the roads (literally) or playing with my granddaughter.

What are you passionate about?
Exercise and staying active

How do you Live Engaged?
Being active in my community and constantly challenging my mind, body, and spirit with new goals and challenges.

How/where do you volunteer?
Helping the elderly with maintenance projects.

—  —  —  —  —  —  —  —  —

Favorite book: Lord of the Rings

Can’t you live without: Laughter

Hidden talent: I’m the finder

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