Recommended Torque Values


The following charts show recommended torque values for all stainless-steel fasteners.

Fasteners with in.-lbs. values*
Fastener Size Torque Value
#8-32 17 in.-lbs.
#10-32 27 in-lbs.
1/4-20 64 in-lbs.
5/16-18 112 in.-lbs.
3/8-16 201 in.-lbs.
7/16-14 302 in.-lbs.


Fasteners with ft.-lbs. values*
Fastener Size Torque Value
1/2-13 37 ft.-lbs.
9/16-12 48 ft.-lbs.
5/8-11 78 ft.-lbs.
3/4-10 108 ft.-lbs.
7/8-9 165 ft.-lbs.
1-8 243 ft.-lbs.


Metric stainless-steel fasteners to be torqued to Nm values.

Metric Fasteners with Nm values*
Fastener Size Torque Value
M5 4 Nm
M6 6.5 Nm
M8 16 Nm
M10 31 Nm
M12 54.5 Nm
M14 87 Nm
M16 135 Nm
M20 264 Nm


For torque values for non-stainless steel, or for fastener sizes not shown above, please refer to fastener supplier or the Machinery’s Handbook for appropriate torque values.

Disclaimer: These torque values are only applicable to fasteners within or directly connected to, Dairyland Electrical Industries products with Dairyland provided fasteners. It is the installer’s responsibility to ensure proper torque values for all other fasteners and/or bolted joints.

* All torque values given for lubricated conditions.

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