Blog Post - Feb 24, 2021

Strengthen Your Community

How you Live Engaged might look different than the next person, but your actions are rooted in the same thing: a desire to make a positive impact in our world through 4 areas.


Your community needs you. They might need your volunteer time, your special talents, your coaching abilities, or even your financial resources. You can Live Engaged by making small yet significant contributions that impact your community.

As we Live Engaged, we extend what we have outward to benefit others around us. Our communities are often wonderful places where we experience a sense of home, comfort, safety, and connection, but the same isn’t true for everyone around us. People struggle, setbacks happen, inequality persists, and needs arise that people cannot meet on their own.

Your contribution could be showing up regularly to volunteer with organizations that:

  • Bring meals to homebound seniors
  • Shelter victims of domestic violence
  • Create equitable employment opportunities
  • Provide case management to the homeless
  • Tutor at-risk kids

You can stock shelves, donate blood, organize donations, serve meals, build homes, clean parks, or mentor youth. All you have to do is make a choice.

You might also have a particular talent, area of expertise, or passion that pairs well with a local need. Perhaps your love of sports and teambuilding compels you to coach a local team, investing in the sportsmanship of young players. Maybe your design or coding experience are desperately needed by a nearby nonprofit without resources to create a new website. Consider what you do or know well and look around to see who could flourish if you shared it with them.

Finally, your contribution might be financial – writing a check or making a physical donation. There are creative ways to do this beyond a lump sum or monthly gift. You could:

  • Sponsor a fundraiser
  • Contribute to a food or school supply drive
  • Gift stock
  • Buy coffee for the person in line behind you
  • Hand out restaurant gift cards to someone experiencing homelessness
  • Sponsor someone’s education

The possibilities are endless, and the needs of your community are numerous. Use your freedom to choose how you support others in your neighborhood, city, or country. As you do, you will help make your community stronger.

How do you strengthen your community?