How you Live Engaged might look different than the next person, but your actions are rooted in the same thing: a desire to make a positive impact in our world through 4 areas.


Let’s face it, the world is a busy place. If you are not intentional about taking care of yourself, it’s easy to fall into a rut, become discouraged, or feel burnt out. Living engaged is about making time for yourself so you can thrive and bring more to those around you.


Investing in yourself is more than just self-care. You invest in yourself by finding activities and rhythms that refresh you. For some, a walk in nature restores their emotional wellbeing; others recharge through a hobby like woodworking, painting, or rock climbing. Whatever it is for you, create the space to make it happen on a regular basis. Notice the beauty, savor the meal, embrace the rest.

We all need the same things: nourishing food, lots of water, full nights of sleep, and some occasional distance from technology. Our minds grow from intellectual stimulation and, when we are able, our bodies benefit from movement. Incorporate healthy habits that give your body the energy it needs.

Another way you can  self-invest is by choosing to develop personally or professionally. You have an incredible ability to continue growing and learning throughout your lifetime. Whether through formal or continuing education, podcasts, personal reading, counseling, coaching, or any other input, find something that expands your thinking, sparks creativity, or forms you as a human being.

These are not frivolous distractions keeping you from the “real work” of life; they are important in your ability to sustain your wellness – physically, emotionally, and relationally – over time. We cannot give to others when we ourselves are squelched or depleted; you’ll notice the difference when you live from a place of being filled up.

Here are some practical examples from our team (read more in our About Us section):

JD: Writes music

Amy: Climbs at the gym and makes time to travel

Tim: Goes on long runs

Katie: Hunts for thrift store treasures and takes Adobe design courses

Greg: Plays golf

Jeff: Paints (and well, we might add)

Mike: Works in the woods with his chainsaw and participates in personal leadership coaching

How do you invest in yourself?