Blog Post - Feb 24, 2021

Show Up for Your Circle

How you Live Engaged might look different than the next person, but your actions are rooted in the same thing: a desire to make a positive impact in our world through 4 areas.

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Your circle represents those who are closest and most important in your life – your family, your friends, your coworkers, or even your neighbors. You can Live Engaged by being present with the people around you.

Choosing to meaningfully connect with someone communicates how much you value them and deepens the relationship you share. You have the opportunity to stand with the people you care about through the ups and downs of life, whether in the peaks of celebration or the valleys of suffering. These interactions don’t have to be complicated or long; the key is the quality of your time together.

Here are some ways you can show up for your circle:

Family: Create a device-free hour at home to connect while making dinner, play a game together, work alongside each other on a project, go on a vacation, take your spouse on a date, spend time listening to the history of an aging parent, take turns sharing a highlight and lowlight from the day, read to your kids before bed, be the cool uncle who makes alien-shaped pancakes.

Friends: Go out for dinner together, send flowers on a hard day, drop off their favorite beverage, listen when they need to verbally process, text just to say you’re thinking about them, have a standing monthly call, celebrate their birthday.

Coworkers: Swing by to ask about their weekend, remember the details they share about their lives, bring treats in spontaneously, send a note of heartfelt appreciation, recognize their contributions, take time to help on a project, mentor an intern or new recruit.

Neighbors: Welcome and introduce yourself to the new people on the block, bake and deliver fresh cookies, rake an elderly neighbor’s yard, host a bonfire or cookout, bring in someone’s trashcans on garbage day.

How do you show up for your circle? Tell us here!