Blog Post - Apr 19, 2023

2023 Wellness Challenge: A Walking Tour Through Dairyland’s History

For years the Dairyland team has held an internal wellness challenge spanning May – October, often with a catchy theme and always with a healthy dose of competition. This year, we are opening the challenge to others in our Live Engaged Community to invest in our physical wellbeing.  


The Challenge 

The challenge runs May 1st – October 31st and totals 561 miles. That may sound like a lot, but if you complete 8,500 steps 5 days per week, you will be a challenge champion. Prefer to run or bike? You’re welcome to do that instead.  

Tracking Note: 8,500 steps = 4.25 miles, 1,122,000 steps = 561 miles. You can lump steps/miles (e.g. if you miss a Tuesday and Wednesday, log 2 days on the weekend).  



The Route 

Disclaimer: The route below is an example path featuring stops that were instrumental to Dairyland’s start. We are not asking you to walk this exact route or travel to these specific sites; you can log your steps/miles on a road, trail, or park near you. 

The Dairyland Barn: We will begin where Dairyland got its start – the milkhouse of the Tachick family barn in Pound, WI (Day 1). On the way to our next stop, pick up trash along 64, the highway Dairyland adopted and maintains. 

Katie’s Subs: Refuel at our Manufacturing team’s favorite lunchtime spot in town (Day 2)  

Lambeau Field: Take a tour of the famous home of the Green Bay Packers (Day 12) 

Allen Bradley Lab: March toward the facility where we conducted some of our earliest product testing in Milwaukee, WI (Day 40) 

The Windy City: Enjoy the beautiful skyline of Chicago, the 2nd site of early testing to make sure we continued delivering Rugged & Reliable products for our growing customer base (Day 64) 

Northern Indiana: In the ‘80s a buyer of Neutral Isolators (our 1st product) started applying our products to isolate pipelines from grounding systems, leading to our most impactful safety product: solid-state decouplers (Day 102) 

You Choose: For Live Engaged Volunteer Day 2023, join the industry by serving in your local community to meet a need that matters to you (Day 116) 

Cincinnati Skyline: Catch a glimpse of our last big skyline of the challenge. You’re so close to the finish line! (Day 132) 

Downtown Cincinnati: Congratulations, you made it! Cincinnati is where we exhibited for the first time at AMPP (formerly NACE) and Henry Tachick gave his 10-minute pitch.  


The Reward 

Patch examples from previous years

Participants who successfully complete the challenge will receive the 2023 Wellness Challenge Patch.

We challenge you to join us as we take care of our bodies, exercise in solidarity, and stroll through landmark locations in Dairyland’s 40-year history.



Are you up for the challenge? Sign up here to register and download the tracking sheet. 

You can submit your tracking sheets to either on a monthly basis or at the end of the challenge.  If you cannot download the tracking sheet after submitting the form, download here