Show Us Your Cows

Holy cow!  In 2013, when we introduced our first cow—Moorice—at an industry trade show, we had no idea just how popular he would turn out to be. Ten years later, Moorice and his ever-growing herd of friends have become Dairyland’s unofficial mascots. They are highly sought after at trade shows, and over the years we have had countless conversations with our customers, colleagues, and acquaintances about their own Dairyland cow collections. We’ve heard stories about them being displayed in office reception areas, on bookshelves in home offices, and even in baby nurseries.  Some are gifted to your children, grandchildren, or nieces and nephews. Some have even traveled across continents on planes, trains, and bicycles.

It turns out, y’all love our cows as much as we do!

We’d love to see where your Dairyland cows have ended up. If you’re willing to share, please snap a photo and submit it using the form below. We will continue to populate this pages with your images and share our “Dairyland cows in the wild“.

Show Us Your Cows

Dairyland Cows In The Wild


The Ferris Wheel is considered one of the greatest engineering wonders in the world. Designed by George W. Ferris in 1893, it was created to be the landmark of the 1893 World’s Fair in Chicago. In 2022, the engineering team at Corrosion Service created their own fully-functional miniature Ferris Wheel in their office in Canada and graciously invited the Dairyland herd to take a spin. After the ride, Clint Milkwood exclaimed that the ride was “Absolutely Moovelous!”. Milk E. Whey agreed, and was overheard saying the ride was his most-favorite “out-of-this-world experience”.

Video courtesy of David Arblaster, Corrosion Service

Dairyland Cows Travel to Space

In 2016, Moorice and his twin brother, Moorose, traveled into the stratosphere, high over the Sierra Nevada mountains in California. They were launched with a research-grade helium balloon by a team of youths who belonged to the non-profit research and education group Earth to Sky. The group collected environmental data and monitored cosmic rays in the atmosphere, while Dairyland’s twin bovines got to experience a once-in-a-lifetime adventure to space.