Tubing Clamp Kit


Mounting Kit for Small Diameter Tubing

Product Description

Insulated fittings on small diameter tubing, such as gas sense lines, can be subject to abnormal over-voltage events from lightning and/or AC faults and may need over-voltage protection.  There may also be applications where grounding of such lines through a decoupler is desired without affecting CP levels.  To accommodate such applications, Dairyland offers a custom clamp for small diameter tubing to make the required connections.

The MTC-38 clamp applies reasonable and uniform clamping pressure on the metallic tube to establish electrical contact without damage to the tube. When applied with a corrosion inhibitor (provided) to the mating surfaces, a long-lasting electrical connection results. It is sized to fit 3/8” diameter tube, and features a bolted terminal which allows attachment of a range of cable sizes to the decoupler.


  • MTC-38


  • Tubing clamp assembly
  • Bolted terminal for cable attachment
  • Tef-Gel inhibitor


  • Material: Copper
  • Plating: Nickel
  • Terminal range: #8AWG to 1/0 wire
  • Tube diameter allowed: 3/8” diameter

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