Hex Coupling Nut


Hex Coupling Nut for Pin Brazed Studs

Product Description

Pin brazed studs are a convenient mounting method for the model SSD or OVP2, attaching the device to a pipe wall. One method of limiting conduction path length when also using 8mm pin brazed studs is the DEI Hex Coupling Nut, which attaches one SSD or OVP2 terminal to the pipe wall. The other terminal utilizes an insulated flexible conductor (such as the MTL Kit) for attachment to the opposite structure (ground, etc).

Note: When using the Hex Coupling Nut with an SSD, an SSD with the alternate terminal configuration is required (eg. SSD-2/2-3.7-100).


  • HCN-M8


  • MTL Conductor Kit
  • MTG-OVP2 (Required if using an OVP2)

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