Designed for SSD or OVP2

Direct Bury Enclosure

Direct Bury Enclosure for SSD or OVP2

Product Description

The Dairyland ENCL-DB series of enclosures allows for the direct burial of selected Dairyland products. These consist of a fully-sealed enclosure to house the decoupler, with cables exiting the enclosure through a sealed interface. The cables are supplied with unfinished ends, allowing for either cutting to length or a variety of connection types in the field.

There are times when it may be beneficial to install a Dairyland decoupler entirely underground. Some of the various reasons could include: deterring theft or vandalism, minimizing lead distance to buried isolated joints, or simply, not wanting anything visible above ground.

For applications where access to the decoupler is required, or where significant load-bearing capability is required, please see our vaults .

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Ordering Information

  • When ordered with a decoupler, factory assembly is recommended at no charge.


  • Materials:
    • Enclosure: ABS
    • Cap: Flexible PVC with stainless steel clamp
    • Cord grips: Nylon
  • Size (OD x H): 4.5 x 13.3”
  • Watertight to NEMA 6P requirements
  • Removable cap for access
  • #2 AWG insulated conductors for customer connection (corresponds with typical Dairyland offering for 5kA-rated product)
  • See installation instructions for complete list of product usage disclaimers.

Included in This Kit

  • ENCL-DB-SSD/OVP2 enclosure with removable cap
  • Two conductors, each 36” in length, with ring terminals for connection to internal decoupler
  • Hardware to connect wires to decoupler
  • Factory installation of decoupler in enclosure upon request (recommended)


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