At Dairyland, we want recognition to be a strong thread of our culture. One of the ways we recognize our people, their contributions, and the experiences we share together is through patches.  

The power isn’t in the embroidery, but in what the patch represents. Given with intentionality, it becomes a tangible marker of a moment that is noticed and celebrated. 

When someone joins the Dairyland team, they get a backpack and welcome patch. Over time, those bags fill up with bright symbols of kudos for delighting a customer, innovating a new value-add process, and so much more. Some of our team favorites include: 


The Spot Patch

This patch is given by managers – or nominated by peers – to celebrate above-and-beyond efforts, contributions, creative ideas, and values-aligned solutions from a team member.  


The Barn   

This patch is earned for using all available volunteer hours for the year. Dairyland employees get paid time off to volunteer at a nonprofit that they care about and that strengthens their local community in a meaningful way.  


Fun Fact: The original Tachick barn burned down one night in the 1940s. Soon thereafter dozens of people from the community set aside their own work to help rebuild it in record time. Decades later this barn became Dairyland’s first manufacturing facility. The “barn raising” reminds us of the power of community to show up for each other in hard times.  

We’d love to recognize our industry friends with patches of their own. By joining our Live Engaged Community, you can opt-in to our events like the annual Wellness Challenge and Live Engaged Volunteer Day and earn patches for your participation. It’s possible you may even find a special Community patch delivered to your door just for signing up! More details can be found here.