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Taking Customer Service to the Extreme

Customer service is a key component of the Dairyland brand and we emphasize providing exceptional service across the board. Whether you’re new to Dairyland or a long-time customer, we’ll help you get answers – fast! This intense focus on service has been an integral part of Dairyland’s culture since Henry Tachick founded the company in 1983 and it has remained a focal point across the company.

A perfect example of our emphasis on customer satisfaction in action is in our customer service department. Here, our team responds to emails and phone calls, provides quotations and processes orders, gets answers from our engineering staff, and much more. Our team has an strong background in customer service and they are passionate about helping others.

We set high standards for our customer service team and measure it continually. Our commitment is to provide quotations within 4 hours, and to answer customer questions and process orders within 8 hours. Performance on these metrics is monitored and reviewed regularly as a part of Dairyland’s ISO 9001:2015 certification which maps all of our processes for consistent output and also emphasizes continuous improvement.

We measure our customer satisfaction based on how well we meet or exceed these time limits and also track satisfaction with the overall customer experience. Despite achieving very high marks in both these measurements, we still strive for improvement.

A day in the life

During a typical day in the Dairyland customer service department, our team answers a variety of emails and calls from existing customers and other industry professionals who need answers to their electrical protection questions. Everyone gets helped as promptly and efficiently as possible. Naturally, that builds up a lot of good will for the company.

“People call us because of our reputation for being helpful,” explains Amy Wedell. “Often, when someone contacts us, they don’t know what they need. That means we need to know how to ask the right questions,” she adds. “Our goal is to help them find the best solution – even if it’s less expensive than what they thought they needed.”

Our customer service team is prepared for a wide variety of customer inquiries. Whether they need technical support from our engineering department, up to date manufacturing capabilities from the factory, or need to source information from outside our company, the team is prepared to support in every way they can.

“We’ve all had some really bad experiences when it comes to customer service” says Jens Nelson. “My own personal experiences have given me the motivation to go the extra mile for those I assist. I do not want someone to walk away from us feeling they had a bad experience.”

That focus on helpfulness as priority number one results in excellent rapport with the callers and an industry reputation for customer support that stands out.

Going the extra mile – every day
At Dairyland, going the extra mile to help customers is standard operating procedure for every employee. “Customer Service always has its ups and downs. But even when we fall short, there is a  heart towards serving that runs through Dairyland” reveals Logan Tachick.

Logan continued, “Going the extra mile isn’t always a grand gesture. Sometimes the most powerful moments are in the details. Recently, there was a miscommunication with a client which ultimately caused no issues – However, the CSR involved sent a Dairyland T Shirt and handwritten note as a thank you for their patience in the situation. The response received was exuberant!”

Building Relationships
Thanks to the high bar for customer service set by Henry and Mike Tachick, Dairyland customers are in excellent hands. Over time, our staff has developed friendships with many of our customers. We often know their spouses’ names, their hobbies and other fun facts. They love that they’re not speaking to a big, faceless company, but to real people who really care about their needs.

Have you experienced our customer service? We’d like to hear about your experience and make sure we are meeting your expectations. Call us today at (608) 877-9900 or use our contact form to give us your feedback.

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