Dairyland’s History of Customer-Driven Innovation

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As Dairyland celebrates its 40th anniversary, we’d like to share what innovation means to us, how it’s formed our company over decades, and how it will propel us into the future.

Innovative From the Beginning

Dairyland got its start in 1983 because of a clear customer need and an engineer with an inventive mindset. Henry Tachick was approached with a specific problem facing local dairy farmers and utility providers, and he saw an opportunity to find a solution through innovative product design. His idea was an electrical isolation device that would end up not only solving the issue but also setting the stage for future product development. As the years progressed, Henry always kept one ear to the ground: listening, observing, and searching for new ideas, which is how Dairyland eventually found its way into the corrosion industry as well as the marine, power utility, and railroad markets.



Continued innovation led to a growing product line designed to meet the needs of new markets and customers. From our first product, the Neutral Isolator, stemmed the ISP, PCR, OVP, and the larger catalog of products and accessories we have today. Every product continuation or variation was brought to life because there was a customer need, which triggered an opportunity for Dairyland. Dairyland remains committed to developing products that solve real issues.


How You Make It Matters

Dairyland aims to serve our customers through innovative product design. But developing rugged and reliable products takes a commitment to an intensive research and development (R&D) process. Often ideas are brought to us through our industry colleagues or identified by our staff members through their technical support sessions or customer interactions. We insert all these ideas into a vetting process affectionately called “The Grinder”. Throughout an active process of discovery, we seek to fully research any idea or concept and prove out long-term viability of a potential product design. This thorough vetting helps ensure that we fully understand the problem we are trying to solve and helps us identify specific customer needs for any product we may design.

“We operate on a different timeline in our industry, allowing the time to truly understand problems and invest in solutions or ideas. Unlike other consumer-type industries that must change virtually every day to keep pace”
Randy Hilgart, Engineering Manager

Once a problem has been clearly identified and vetted, we start down the new product development (NPD) process that is overseen by our experienced engineering department. This process is collaborative and includes key stakeholders from many departments within the company. The process starts with identifying an opportunity and project planning before progressing into a detailed, advanced development phase that includes prototyping, design reviews, testing and simulations, and continued market analysis all to ensure the final product design meets or exceeds customer expectations.

Third-Party Verification: Critical to Rugged Product Design

Despite our thorough prototyping and internal testing process, at Dairyland, we consider third-party certification to be a required step of the product design process. Nearly every product we design is sent through intense examination and testing by third party labs to any applicable standards and requirements. This process can often be lengthy and expensive, but we do it so our customers can be assured that our products do what we claim they do.

Third-party testing will remain a critical component of product design at Dairyland as we aim to offer intentional, rugged solutions that have reliable performance and long-term lifespans.

As we’ve done for the last 40 years, Dairyland will continue to pursue innovation, working efficiently to serve the needs of our customers. We are grateful for the relationships that we have built within the industries that we serve and look forward to developing additional products that help enhance lives and make a safer world.

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