Dairyland Introduces Direct Bury Enclosure

Madison, WI – Dairyland Electrical Industries is pleased to announce a new line of product accessories — Direct Bury Enclosures ENCL-DB-SSD/OVP2 and ENCL-DB-PCR/PCRX.

After a recent uptick in customer requests for decoupling products that can be buried underground, Dairyland is thrilled to announce a rugged solution with this new ENCL-DB accessory line.

There are times when it may be beneficial to install a Dairyland decoupler entirely underground. Reasons may include deterring theft or vandalism, minimizing lead distance to buried isolated joints, or simply, not wanting any visible components above ground.

The Dairyland ENCL-DB series of enclosures allows for the direct burial of selected Dairyland products. These consist of a fully sealed enclosure to house the decoupler, with cables exiting the enclosure through a sealed interface. The cables are supplied with unfinished ends, giving the operator the flexibility to cut to length and/or to accommodate a variety of connection types in the field.

“In recent years, one of our most common customer requests has been for a way to bury decouplers underground so they are out of sight and out of the way … for example, on plowed farmland, in areas prone to theft and vandalism, or in populated areas where aesthetics are critical. It’s exciting to now be able to offer the ENCL-DB accessory line as a robust solution that ensures decouplers are protected from water ingress and loading from soil and surface traffic.”

– Jay Warner, Dairyland Senior Business Development Leader

Both models ENCL-DB-SSD/OVP2, designed to house Dairyland SSDs and OVP2s, and ENCL-DB-PCR/PCRX, designed to house Dairyland PCR and PCRXs, are available now.


About Dairyland Electrical Industries

Over a range of industries and applications, Dairyland has been applying the concepts of isolation, grounding, and over-voltage protection to standard and custom products since 1983. Dairyland deals with a wide variety of applications across multiple industries including oil and gas, power utility, railroad, and others where it is necessary to provide simultaneous isolation and safety grounding. Dairyland products isolate DC current, ground AC fault current and lightning, and protect equipment and personnel.

Offering the first solid-state solutions to each of these markets, Dairyland remains the leader in the industry, with popular products such as the PCRX, PCR, SSD, OVP and OVP2 as well as a full line of accessories to make installation quick and easy.

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