How to Select and Size a Decoupler

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Dairyland products come in a wide variety of features and ratings.  Ever wonder how to select the proper decoupler for your project? This presentation will focus on the basics of decoupler selection and how to specify the correct features.

What you’ll learn/Timeline

Attendees will learn how to choose the correct decoupler for their application and how to properly size it based on the voltage thresholds, presence of steady state AC current and AC fault currents.

Presentation Time = Approximately 60 mins.

Event Info:
  • November 3, 2021, 10:00 am - 11:00 am CDT
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This presentation is also being offered in Spanish.  To register to view in Spanish, click here.

Meet The Speakers

Phil Eggen Senior Business Development Leader

Phil has over 20 years of pipeline engineering experience, with the last 15 in integrity management and corrosion engineering.  His experience was initiated at Nicor Gas as a Corrosion Manager overseeing 24,000 miles of steel pipe and then continued with EN Engineering where he managed the Corrosion Engineering Team for 6 years.  Phil is now at Dairyland Electrical Industries where he is helping customers solve AC mitigation and station decoupling issues.    Phil has been active in NACE for over 10 years through the local section and through the NACE National Meetings.  He has also served on the American Gas Association (AGA) corrosion committee.  Phil is a registered Professional Engineer in Illinois and holds a NACE CP2-Cathodic Protection Technician certificate.  Phil is an avid outdoorsman where he enjoys duck hunting, deer hunting, bicycle riding, and golf.  Phil volunteers with his church, the Boy Scouts and Ducks Unlimited. Read Bio.

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