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There’s no shortage of information to be found on the internet, and our website is full of great technical resources, too. But if you’re new to the industry, or still learning about Dairyland products and applications, too much information can be overwhelming. We’ve got you covered. At Dairyland University we’ve pulled together the most critical information to get you up to speed, fast!

At Dairyland we value accurate, reliable technical resources that can help you apply decouplers properly and solve your application challenges. Don’t see what you are looking for?  We are ready to help.

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Introduction to Decouplers

Metallic structures including pipelines and tanks, are made more corrosion resistant by the application of cathodic protection current require safety grounding for over-voltage conditions, such as lightning or AC fault events. Decouplers allow corrosion professionals to simultaneously protect their assets from corrosion, while also implementing safety grounding systems.

Product Release


Building on Dairyland’s proven history of industry-leading product lines, the PCRX represents the next technological leap forward in decoupling technology. Using sophisticated design techniques that represent the work of numerous leading experts around the world, the PCRX’s new camouflage technology renders it virtually invisible to interrupted survey testing.

Product Release


The patented, customizable UltraBox™ modular junction boxes from Dairyland feature easy access and the ability to add, remove, or reposition components at any time, unlike existing designs using shunts or resistors fixed to a backplane. Featuring moveable DIN rail mounting systems and snap-in modules with industry standard shunts and resistors, users have complete control over the present configuration and future expansion of their product.


Company Catalog

Our annual catalog contains product and application information, department spotlights and a wide variety of stories on our company history and Live Engaged initiative. We hope you’ll enjoy learning more about our company’s history, philosophy and values.