MTM Mounting Kit

Mounting Kits for Monolithic Joints

Product Description

Dairyland MTM mounting kits are used for mounting SSD decouplers and OVP2 over-voltage protectors across monolithic joints. The kits make it easy to minimize the lead length across the joint, thus ensuring the lowest voltage drop across the joint in the event of a lightning strike.


  • Lead Assembly
  • Bracket (If required)
  • Nuts, Bolts, Washers


  • MTM-OVP2


  • The MTM-SSD mounting kit is designed to be used with SSD models with non –R terminal arrangements.
  • The MTM-SSD and MTM-OVP2 mounting kits require there to be existing weld tabs installed on the monolithic joint. The tabs must be installed by the joint manufacturer or by using a process that is approved by the joint manufacturer. To ensure proper installation of the mounting kits, the weld tabs should be dimensioned as specified in the Installation Instructions.

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