Polycarbonate general purpose enclosure

ENCL Enclosures

Product Description

Decoupling of electrical equipment on cathodic protection (CP) systems often requires an insulating enclosure to address the metallic conduit that would otherwise short CP to ground. In situations involving a grounded motor-operated valve, for example, the decoupler addresses the grounding conductor, while enclosed in the polycarbonate box, which isolates the metallic conduit. The ENCL enclosures can also be used as a general purpose enclosure. 


  • ENCL-1816
  • ENCL-2424
  • When ordered with a decoupler, optional factory assembly is available at no charge. Specify center or right decoupler mounting position at time of purchase.


  • Gray polycarbonate, gasketed hinged cover
  • UL508A, NEMA 4X, IP66
  • Padlockable – two locations
  • ENCL-1816 Size – 18x16x10″
  • ENCL-2424 Size – 24x24x10″


  • Drilled internal backplate
  • Internal hardware for decoupler mounting
  • Factory installation of decoupler upon request

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