If you joined the Dairyland team in San Antonio this March, you know how power-packed the week was with presentations, committee gatherings, exhibits, awards, entertainment, and happy reunions with colleagues after two years of separation.  

This year, in addition to our exhibit booth, Dairyland hosted the Live Engaged Lounge, a hands-on space for show attendees to experience how business can be used as a force for good. Our guests printed custom t-shirts, took selfies at the photo booth, and helped us choose our next humanitarian project to fund. Check out the short video below to see what we accomplished together: 


Well, We Have a Winner!  

Receiving 45% of the total vote, the freshwater well in Cambodia is our winning project! Through the work of Dairyland’s partner Samaritan’s Purse, an entire community will now have easy access to safe drinking water. 

Every time Samaritan’s Purse initiates a well project, installation is accompanied by training about long-term use. The process will not begin unless community members agree to partner in maintenance and continued operation. Why? So that for years to come clean water can flow and bring life to the community, preventing dehydration and disease while eliminating the need to spend hours searching for a safe water source.  


1 in 10 people live without access to clean water worldwide

This project is part of a multi-year community water system program focused on providing clean water, hygiene education, livelihood opportunities, and anti-trafficking messaging. The core of the program is clean water, but the additional components holistically support the communities Samaritan’s Purse serves. 

Matthew Swenson of Samaritan’s Purse writes: “Clean water is the centerpiece for community health and development. This freshwater well program provides clean water while integrating livelihood development, education, health care and anti-trafficking messaging for a blended approach toward community transformation. Your partnership and generosity will improve the lives of those we are blessed to serve together.” 

From all of us at Dairyland, thank you for visiting the lounge and helping us make this critical decision! We believe our industry has enormous potential to positively impact others and promote their flourishing. Together, we are making a safer world.  

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