Blog Post - Jan 18, 2019

Making a Difference in Units

Making A Difference In Units Featured

In early 2018 a growing subset of Dairyland, comprised of both employees and their family members, decided to incorporate regular blood donation into their lifestyles. What started with one individual rapidly expanded; now 15 members donate, bringing our combined giving total to 37 units in only 10.5 months.

Linda, Dairyland’s Shipping & Receiving Coordinator, who played an instrumental role in boosting our momentum, shares why she cares so deeply about giving back this way. It first started when she was employed at the American Red Cross before her 19-year tenure (to date) at Dairyland.

“I saw and heard first-hand how blood donations impacted patients.” Those patients weren’t just distant strangers but also close family members including her husband, dad, mother-in-law, and more. Their lives were preserved because other generous contributors chose to give.

Linda also recalls the AIDS epidemic of the late ‘70s and early ‘80s when patients did not know with certainty if their transfusions were safe. Today the Red Cross states someone needs blood every 2 seconds, whether due to surgeries, chronic illnesses, a traumatic injury or cancer treatment. Because it cannot be manufactured, blood must come from volunteer donors, a reality further complicated by the fact that under 38% of the population is eligible to donate.*

“It’s such an easy process that can have a huge impact,” says Linda whose “boring” (her description, not ours) but healthy lifestyle has enabled her to give for years when others cannot. And an impact it certainly has since each unit can save up to 3 other lives.

As we begin 2019, our expanding group settled on a goal of donating 60 units, translated in lives potentially saved to 180. It’s just another way we can Live Engaged and practically respond to the needs around us.

As Linda would say, “Stay healthy and keep rolling up your sleeves!”

*The American Red Cross