It’s hard to find something to say that has not yet been said repetitively and does not feel cliché. In recent weeks we have each, in our own ways with our unique sets of circumstances, watched the world try to adapt to pandemic on a scale we have never experienced before. It is new, unknown, scary. It is also immensely humanizing with the potential for unprecedented care and solidarity with others who walk through this alongside us (at safe physical distances, of course).   

COVID-19’s spread has been a reminder of what remains beyond our control – an uncomfortable, unsettling reality.  And yet, while there is so much we cannot do, we are not powerless. As a Dairyland team we are trying to be mindful of this and look for ways to responsibly resist the fear, anxiety, and scarcity that easily creep in. We have been inspired by many who choose to serve others – whether family, friends, coworkers, neighbors, or strangers. We hear stories of selflessness, generosity, and kindness that set a different tone and encourage us to keep pressing into our vision of making a safer world by living engaged.  

We have been offering our services in the communities we inhabit, sharing both examples and opportunities that help us connect when we feel overwhelmed. This week, several Dairyland employees stepped in to help deliver meals to area seniors through a Meals on Wheels program. With the increased precautions regarding the spread of COVID-19, many of the Senior Center’s regular volunteers could no longer help, leaving a shortage of drivers and volunteers to assist those who need it most. Sandy, Dairyland’s Executive Assistant and regular Meals on Wheels volunteer, mentioned this shortage to staff and the Dairyland family quickly mobilized to help fill the gap. “Now more than ever” she says, “services like Meals on Wheels are needed to serve the vulnerable in our communities.”  

Here’s what a few more members of our team had to say about their experiences: 

“This was my first time serving with Meals on Wheels and I loved it! It made me wish I could stay longer and chat with the wonderful, friendly people I met along the route. I’m grateful services like these continue – especially with such care – in times like these, ensuring there aren’t gaps for a key population in our town. I hope we were able to bring some joy and cheer today!”   

“It was eye-opening to see how some of our older generation is living.” 

“Dairyland makes it possible for its employees to volunteer during the work week; I’m especially thankful for that benefit right now because it allows me to give my time and effort when it’s most helpful to local community providers and responders. There’s a lot going on in our world right now and it feels good to do something about it.”  

It was satisfying to deliver a healthy meal to someone who truly needs it.” 

“How easy, yet necessary, it is to serve in this way.”  

We appreciate Sandy’s example – in addition to many others – of living engaged when times are tough.  

Your stories encourage us, and we would love to learn from you! What creative ways have you responded to COVID-19? Send us a message at