Blog Post - Jan 13, 2022

2021 in Review

At Dairyland, we value forward-looking vision. We set big goals and invest ourselves wholeheartedly in their fulfillment. However, we also believe in the importance of pausing to look back, reflect, and celebrate all that we have accomplished. The past 12 months offer a plethora of examples across our Live Engaged community. Here are a few highlights worth celebrating:

We Invested in Ourselves

The first focus of Live Engaged is “invest in yourself,” which encapsulates personal and professional development as well as holistic wellbeing. At Dairyland, we did this by logging over 900 hours of professional development across our team with activities ranging from virtual conference learning to a leadership development series and monthly discussion featuring Brené Brown’s bestselling book, Dare to Lead. We hope you’ll consider joining us in 2022 by picking a few small ways to invest in yourself throughout the year.

We Showed Up for Our Circles

Whether by logging miles at the MS Walk to support an affected team member, challenging coworkers to a competitive round of ping-pong or taking time to connect across Dairyland locations at the annual summer picnic, we showed up for our circles. When hard times hit, whether related to COVID-19 or otherwise, the team generously provided meals, deliveries, encouragement, and support to those in our circles who needed it.



We Strengthened Our Communities

Serving for the benefit of others is a crucial component of Live Engaged. In 2021 Dairyland staff used 550+ hours of paid volunteer time to build homes, pack and deliver meals, donate blood, clear leaves and debris for elderly neighbors, and more. We also launched the first Live Engaged Volunteer Day, and joined forces with others across the industry to impact their local communities. In year one we saw over 100 people in 2 countries, 5 US states, and 9 companies/groups show up to serve 20 nonprofits and needs. In 2022 we want to make volunteer day even bigger and would love for you to join us.

More about Live Engaged Volunteer Day

We Partnered to Transform the World

Whether in packing 18,576 emergency meals for Haiti after the earthquake or through the work of our partners, we continue to strive to help make the world a safer place. Dairyland’s ongoing partnerships with the Equal Justice Initiative, International Justice Mission, Samaritan’s Purse, and Compassion International mean that in 2021 we could increase the level of safety for people experiencing racism, hunger, injustice, forced displacement from war and conflict, and more. For updates on the impact of our partners, click the links below.


International Justice Mission


Equal Justice Initiative


Compassion International


Samaritan's Purse


Thank you for joining us in 2021, whether you chose to make a personal investment in your own wellbeing, joined Volunteer Day, or embodied the Live Engaged spirit in another way. We appreciate you and look forward to Living Engaged in 2022!