Blog Post - May 4, 2020

In Your Blood

We couldn’t have known.

Back in 2019 a member of the Dairyland team and blood donation champion suggested that we host a blood drive. Multiple dates were tossed around, but we finally landed on Spring 2020 once our building expansion project was complete. We clicked “Register” and marked April 29th in our calendars. Little did we know just how important that timing would be. Who could have predicted that our chosen date would fall in the midst of a global pandemic?

As the date drew nearer, we noticed the trend – hundreds of mobile drives were being cancelled by host sites as blood shortage rates increased. With a space well-equipped for the needs, a team eager to serve with every precaution, and the American Red Cross’ blessing, we were determined to persevere as long as it remained safe to do so.

Last week, after months of planning and hoping, we hosted an event that not only met our expectations but exceeded them. 36 masked and committed donors—including 12 first-timers—entered through our doors at their designated appointment times. Each received a temperature check before completing intake and rolling up their sleeves. We had mom and daughter combos, students (including a medical student studying for finals), and many other community members contributing 40 total units of blood. Together, we saved 120 lives!

For the Dairyland team, and many others, blood donation is incredibly personal. The passion is fueled by the needs and suffering of family members, friends, or even total strangers. While we often feel powerless in the wake of it all, donating blood is one way we can actively respond and care for others. Here is what a few had to say:

“This may have been 1 person’s vision, but it took the village to carry it out! We get to impact more than just our local communities…we are making an impact across the country on many people that we very likely will never meet. Thank you for giving the gift of life!” – Linda

“I had a moment yesterday morning where I was filled with gratitude to be a part of an organization that cares so deeply for one another and our community. As I watched Mike [our President] appear, carrying toilet scrubbing materials, ready to do what was needed, I reminded myself of my good fortune to work for a company with leadership that is humble and ready to respond to global and community needs.” – Amy

“I very much enjoyed being able to help out in any way possible last Wednesday and cannot wait for future opportunities!” – Joe

“It was a fantastic joint effort by everyone. Hopefully we can do more of this kind of thing together. Work does not feel like work when it’s this fun.” – Mike 

“In a time when there is so much we can’t do, it’s great to be able to find something that is possible – and effective in caring for people who are vulnerable in a time of scarcity. It was a blast working alongside my team and interacting with all the generous donors who came through Dairyland’s doors!” – Kailey

Thank you to every individual who donated, brought treats, or volunteered to make this event possible! Thank you to the Red Cross staff who helped coordinate logistics and worked onsite; it was a pleasure to collaborate with you!

If you were not able to donate at our Dairyland event in April, or do not live in the area, consider looking for a nearby drive.

You can expect more stories of living engaged here on the blog and we would love to hear what other individuals, families, companies, and communities are doing! Send us a line at