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What’s Up With the Cows?


If you’ve seen Dairyland at industry tradeshows, or followed our technical newsletter, chances are you’ve seen some of our cows. Everyone seems to love our squishy bovines, but you might ask, “What’s with the cows?”  After a minute, you might ask, “Why the name Dairyland?” What do cows have to do with solid-state decoupler technology?

Dairyland was incorporated by Henry Tachick in 1983 to address a great need by power utilities for a solid-state approach to the bonding of utility-to-customer grounding systems under certain conditions. This problem caused stray voltage problems for utility customers, typically on dairy farms, which was a massive nuisance to the cows. The first Dairyland products were born, and our utility customers were pleased.  And so were the cows.

Adding to the story, we are headquartered in southern Wisconsin, known as America’s Dairyland. The dairy industry has always been a cornerstone of our state, so we call ourselves Dairyland crediting our roots as well as our current home.

So that answers the question of “Why cows?” but after a second look, you might find yourself asking “How many of these cows are there?” We introduced the cow squish several years ago, and folks really took a liking to them. Since then, we have released several versions of the Dairyland cow to appease the needs of our hungry collectors. So next time you walk up to a Dairyland tradeshow booth, you’ll know a bit of our story. Take a cow, but be careful: you might end up a collector before long.



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