MTM Mounting Kit Installation Instructions


The Dairyland mounting kits MTM-SSD and MTM-OVP2 are used for mounting SSD decouplers and OVP2 over voltage protectors across monolithic isolation joints. The kits minimize the lead length across the joint, thus ensuring the lowest voltage drop across the joint in the event of a lightning strike. The kits mount directly to the joint so no ground-mounted posts or supports are required. Each kit comes complete with the bracket (if required), the lead assembly and hardware needed to mount one SSD or OVP2 to existing weld tabs on the monolithic joint.

The standard lead assembly that is provided with the kits is 36 inches (0.91 m) long and may be cut to length to match the span between the weld tabs. If the span between the weld tabs requires a longer lead assembly, contact Dairyland for options. The #2 AWG lead assembly is sized to accommodate all SSD and OVP2 fault ratings.

These instructions outline how to use the MTM kits to mount Dairyland SSD and OVP2 devices across monolithic joints.

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