A Team Approach to Manufacturing

How You Make it Matters

Dairyland customers enjoy quality products that are rugged, reliable, and boast an impeccable performance rating across our numerous product lines. No department at Dairyland impacts the final product that is put in our customer’s hands more than our manufacturing team. Together, through a team approach, they drive the quality and performance that our customers have come to expect from Dairyland products.



Our manufacturing philosophy really starts with our people. Located in the small rural town of Pound, Wisconsin, our talented manufacturing team is comprised of experienced, hard-working individuals who each bring new ideas and perspectives to the company. Though their backgrounds and experiences may differ, the team stands unified through common core values and one specific goal: to serve the industry world-wide by building rugged and reliable products people can trust.

Our hands-on approach and thorough cross-training play a huge role in delivering the high-quality products customers expect. Every product that goes out the door at Dairyland is made by an extensively trained and experienced shop floor employee. We manually build and inspect every product without the use of robots or other automated processes, ensuring a hands-on quality build. Our team also emphasizes complete cross-training throughout the manufacturing process. Not only does this give our team great flexibility and efficiency, it also ensures that processes are clearly defined and well adopted across the board, resulting in consistent product quality. Our team members can go to any station throughout the day and work efficiently, delivering quality results to consistent standards. 

Furthering our commitment to product quality, our manufacturing team also operates under UL, ATEX, IECEx, EAC, and ISO 9001 standards. We’ve diligently developed procedures that meet or exceed these standards and regularly audit them so that we know we are operating efficiently and are producing great quality products.

The end result is clear to our customers around the world: we build rugged, reliable products that you can trust to perform.

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