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Dairyland UltraBox™: The Modular Approach to Junction Boxes

Shunts and resistors inside traditional junction boxes are typically mounted onto a backing plate in a permanent position and cannot be altered. This backing plate can be a source of frustration when adding, removing, or tightening components because the backing plate must be removed, and cables must be disconnected. This not only requires significant time but can also result in mis-wiring during reassembly. The new Dairyland UltraBox™ introduces a modular approach providing the industry with a junction box design that is convenient and flexible.

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Building a Better Junction Box

In place of the backplate limitation, the Dairyland UltraBox™ approach utilizes shunts, resistors and other components that are individually mounted on DIN rails using a unique quick-connect module design. The modular design allows for ease of installation, removal, or repositioning of components anywhere on the DIN rails providing customizability during the initial purchase, and flexibility into the future. A wide selection of industry-standard shunts, resistors, rheostats and isolated measurement terminals are available, all with DIN rail mounting bases.

Adding to its flexibility, the UltraBox™ can be provided with horizontal or vertically oriented DIN rails to make optimal use of the enclosure space as well as to accommodate various cable entry/exit configurations. With the modular approach and new DIN rail mounting system, the UltraBox™ frees CP Technicians from the frustrations and potential mis-wiring that are common during field modifications using traditional junction boxes.

The patented UltraBox™ provides the industry with a new and improved product that is an advanced solution to the frustrations so common with the traditional junction box. Learn More Here



UltraBox Info Sheet

Download the UltraBox Info Sheet

Download the UltraBox Info Sheet


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