Dairyland Introduces Overwatch HEFPD – A High-Energy Rail Fault Protection Device

Designed to protect track-connected signaling and crossing warning systems from damaging AC faults

Madison, WI — Dairyland is pleased to announce the launch of its new Overwatch™ HEFPD product line designed to serve the railroad industry with rugged, engineered AC fault protection.

Railroad systems are increasingly required to operate in common corridors with power transmission and distribution lines, presenting new equipment protection challenges. Damaging AC faults caused by failure of power utility equipment on overhead power lines present high-energy, long-duration events that typical lightning surge protective devices are not capable of withstanding. These events pose a risk to track-connected signaling and crossing warning systems as well as other protective equipment.

To address these concerns, Dairyland is pleased to introduce Overwatch HEFPD, a new class of product in the railroad industry. Designed using Dairyland’s decades of experience in high-energy applications, Overwatch HEFPD uses proven solid-state technology that can withstand the powerful, long-duration events caused by AC faults to keep your sensitive track-connected equipment protected.

Benefits of Overwatch HEFPD

  • Provides protection from both high-energy AC faults and lightning surges
  • Designed and tested to meet AREMA standard 11.3.7, as well as the applicable requirements of primary surge protection as defined in AREMA 11.3.1
  • Built to withstand multiple AC fault or lightning surge events without failure
  • Dairyland’s proven solid-state design prevents sparks and arcing
  • Extensive third-party testing/verification

“Simply put, Dairyland knows AC fault and over-voltage protection. This has been our business for 40 years. We’ve had a similar product serving the rail industry for years, but the Overwatch HEFPD is specifically designed and tested to meet the demanding guidelines identified in AREMA’s new manual part to address high-energy faults. Today, we welcome the opportunity to serve railroad clients and consultants with this robust solution.”
– Mike Tachick, Dairyland President

About Dairyland Electrical Industries

Over a range of industries and applications, Dairyland has been applying the concepts of isolation, grounding, and over-voltage protection to standard and custom products since 1983. Dairyland deals with a wide variety of applications across multiple industries including oil and gas, power utility, railroad, and others where it is necessary to provide simultaneous isolation and safety grounding. Dairyland products isolate DC current, ground AC fault current and lightning, and protect equipment and personnel.

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