Common Applications for the UltraBox

Dairyland’s UltraBox modular junction boxes feature snap-in DIN rail mounted modules with industry standard shunts and resistors to give you complete flexibility over the configuration and future expansion of your junction boxes.

The UltraBox can be used for virtually any junction box application related to cathodic protection. Whether needed for an anode junction box, interference bond, rectifier output box, positive/negative splitter, or an enhanced test station box, the UltraBox can be used anywhere and in any way that you use junction boxes.

Unlike traditional junction boxes with components fixed to a backplane, you can assemble and/or reconfigure the UltraBox in minutes – even on your truck’s tailgate – without any special tools. This can save you weeks waiting on custom-designed and fabricated junction boxes. And if you ever need to replace shunts or resistors or if your needs change over time, you can easily move or add components without having to disassemble the entire junction box.

Contact us for a live demonstration of how the UltraBox can be used with your CP installations. Below are a few examples of typical junction box applications and how the UltraBox can be configured to meet those needs.

Rectifier Junction Box Installation

A junction box with shunts and resistors is often installed next to a rectifier with a shunt between the rectifier negative output and the pipeline and a parallel bank of shunts and resistors between the positive rectifier output and the anode bed as shown below. Sometimes, isolated terminals are needed to land test leads from a reference cell and/or the pipe. Note how the UltraBox can be quickly assembled for this application.

Average Build Time: 5 minutes

Anode Junction Box Installation

Used at the rectifier or closer to the anode bed or deep well, an anode junction box is connected between the positive rectifier output and a bank of anodes. An anode junction box often has both shunts and resistors but may have only shunts. With the UltraBox, it’s easy to add in resistors in the future if needed. Note how a header shunt, used here to measure the total current to the anode bed, is connected in the UltraBox.


Average Build Time: 3 minutes

Field Junction Box Installation

Used to measure and/or control current to multiple pipelines, a field junction box is installed in the negative connection between the rectifier and the pipelines and is usually located remote from the rectifier or anodes. A similar configuration can also be used to manage interference between pipelines.

Field Bond Box

Interference Bond Box

Average Build Time: 5 minutes

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