Proven Solid-State Decoupling Products

Always Rugged. Always Reliable. You can count on Dairyland Products to perform.

Dairyland Electrical Industries is the world's leading manufacturer of solid-state decoupling products for the corrosion protection industry. We’ve been making rugged and reliable products since 1983. After more than 35 years, nearly every one of them is still in service.

Our products are most often used to isolate cathodically protected structures from grounding systems or other equipment while at the same time providing safety grounding for AC fault current and lightning. They’ve got to work in every challenging environment - from the frozen tundras of Siberia to the sizzling hot deserts of the middle east. That’s why our motto is “Always rugged. Always reliable.”

And, look to Dairyland for complete technical guidance. We pride ourselves on being a resource on various applications relating to isolation, grounding, over-voltage protection and associated issues. We’ll work to assure that your application issues have been thoroughly researched, and the correct products and ratings applied. Dairyland is ISO 9001-2015 certified so you know we are consistently striving to improve our quality management processes.


Dairyland solid-state decouplers established the technology requirements for protective products in the industry and provide these important features:
  • Fail-safe design
  • Maintenance-free
  • Independent laboratory testing and listing
  • Products listed for hazardous locations
  • Ratings that eclipse and outperform other technologies
  • Reliable product performance
  • Trusted technical support services
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