HEFPD Fuse Module

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HEFPD Fuse Module

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Product Description

The Overwatch HEFPD fuse module is a complete assembly containing all fusing and lightning surge protection elements needed to protect both the device’s AC fault module and/or the bungalow signaling equipment should an AC fault or lightning surge exceed product ratings. Fuse modules are available in either single or dual channel configurations to match the number of channels in the Overwatch HEFPD.


  • For Dual Channel Overwatch HEFPD: HEFPD-FM-2000F/4000-142-D
  • For Single Channel Overwatch HEFPD: HEFPD-FM-2000F/4000-142-S


  • AC Fault Current Rating: 2000 or 4000 Amps-rms @ 60Hz depending on installation configuration
  • Lightning Surge Protection Rating: 40kA, 8×20 microsecond waveform


  • Fuse module assembly
  • Installation hardware
  • Thread-locker


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