Thermit Welding Mold


Thermit Welding Mold

Product Description

Most gradient control mat installation require multiple 4’x8′ ground mats to be joined together to protect a large structure. In these installations, it is necessary to thermit weld the mats together to provide continuous bonding of the entire grid.


The MOLD-6X is designed to join adjacent mat sections together, welding approximately every 18 inches.  MOLD-6X uses industry standard #25 charge (thermit welding metal and powder) available from CP industry providers to weld adjacent mat wires in parallel grooves.

This mold can also be used to weld the mat wire to a #6 AWG wire from an anode or Dairyland decoupler, using a #25 charge.  Where smaller wires are used, such as #10 or #12 AWG, a #15 charge can weld these to the mat wire.


  • Mold-6X

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