Blog Post - Jan 1, 2022

Strengthening Our Community: Camp Daniel

Live Engaged consistently reminds us how important and impactful it is to give our time, talents, and resources to local organizations who, in turn, change the lives of others in the community. Camp Daniel is one example of a non-profit organization making a positive impact in their community. Located near our manufacturing facility in northern Wisconsin, Camp Daniel provides a safe summer camp experience for people with disabilities, adapting to meet each of their individual needs. Through their summer camping program and activities, they offer each camper a safe and fun camping experience, while also meeting the unique physical, social, and emotional needs of each individual.

The Camp Daniel grounds were purchased in 1996 on Little Newton Lake in Athelstane, Wisconsin. Since then, the campus has been constructed largely through volunteer time and labor. This allows Camp Daniel to stretch their monetary donations as far as possible and still complete projects at a steady pace. 

While looking for volunteer opportunities for the manufacturing team, Dairyland became aware of Camp Daniel’s need for hard working volunteers. Joe Mutchler, Dairyland’s Manufacturing Floor Lead and engagement coordinator, arranged for several volunteer opportunities, allowing the production and supply chain teams to take turns contributing without disrupting production.

Dairyland volunteer teams have been trusted to use their experience and expertise to contribute to various large scale construction projects in an initiative to complete the Camp Daniel campus for the safest and most accessible camp experience. The partnership has been something our team has enjoyed, and they’ve even started to look for additional ways to support Camp Daniel – including donating earnings from the sale of copper scraps they had been collecting for more than three years.

Not only were needs met and progress made, but we gained insight into an organization within the local community that in turn serves another part of the community – people with disabilities. And so it goes, helping people that are themselves engaged in helping others.
Jeff Hucek, Dairyland Production Specialist

Full-time Camp Daniel staff members, Evan and Anissa Hartwig, commented, “Camp Daniel is so thankful for the individuals at Dairyland Electrical for taking the time to volunteer with our small non-profit. Their hard work and good attitudes were recognized and so appreciated. Through your kindness and generosity we can change the lives of people with disabilities.”

As our partnership extends into the future, the work being done at Camp Daniel will continue to meet a valuable need. Through each interaction with campers, staff at Camp Daniel will continue to deliver a valuable message: that each camper has inherent value.