Fishing With Vets Featured

“I’ve been addicted to fishing since I learned to walk,” writes Evan, Production Assembler at Dairyland’s Pound location. It’s a passion that began in his first years of life and only grew from there, continuing into the present as he shares it with others – including his kids. “I love fishing,” he says, “but even more so love sharing my experience and knowledge with others; I love getting people out to fish that normally wouldn’t go and see them catch a new fish or get a personal best.”

Evan also felt compelled from an early age to serve with the military and at 18 years old he enlisted with the Army National Guard. The next 5 years were spent on active status traveling to multiple bases across the United States before being deployed to Iraq for a year-long tour.

Today, Evan has found a way to combine these two worlds in a personal and meaningful way. After getting connected with the non-profit Fishing With Vets, an organization that exists to “provide veterans, both active and retired, with an opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors,” Evan began handcrafting custom fishing rods and donating them. Each rod he designs and creates is given to a veteran on a memorable fishing weekend in their honor.

Fishing With Vets Team Photo

In addition to other volunteering, such as at Habitat for Humanity, Evan spends time crafting beautiful pieces like the one below.

“I picked up rod building as a hobby which paired my passion for fishing with my ability to build and design. It only made sense to give back to a great organization that I got to be part of last year.”

Thank you, Evan, for your service to us, our country, and others who have served.