Blog Post - Apr 2, 2023

Celebrating our Birthday at AMPP Annual Conference + Expo

This year, Dairyland is celebrating its 40th anniversary, and we wanted to make our lounge sponsorship at AMPP Annual Conference + Expo a sweet spot for celebrating and thanking our customers while making an impact together.  

If you attended the conference in Denver this March, you may have seen the line for mini pints of ice cream or heard the sound of bean bags landing on cornhole boards while onlookers offered playful taunts or cheers. In the Dairyland lounge, we thought the best way to celebrate our 40th birthday was surrounded by friends, enjoying cake and ice cream, and getting competitive for a great cause. Thank you to all who stopped by and helped to make the week special

Photo by AMPP


Photo by AMPP

The Count is In  

This year we partnered with a nonprofit in Colorado—the site of our conference—that is doing great work to care for people. We easily settled on Sky High Hope Camp, a camp for kids with pediatric cancer and their siblings. Campers who attend Sky High Hope Camp are not treated like cancer patients. Instead they are given the opportunity to act like ordinary kids having a fun, safe, and action-packed week while enjoying SHHC’s many amenities and supportive community. And, for these families, it’s all free of charge.  

Dairyland committed to making a donation on behalf of each attendee who scored in cornhole by tossing the bags through the hole or landing them on top of the board. Thanks to the impressive skills of our participants, we’re donating $1,550.00 in unrestricted funds to Sky High Hope Camp to support their work and camper experience. For the record, we were impressed by how many people maxed out their donation by scoring 5+ points!   


Thank you to everyone who stopped in to say hi, participate in the cornhole challenge, and celebrate with us. We wouldn’t be here without you, and it’s no fun to celebrate alone. Cheers to 40 years of making a safer world together and many more to come!