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Press Release: Dairyland Announces the PCRX

Dairyland’s new innovation in solid-state decouplers eliminates capacitive effects with CIS testing permitting quick and accurate measurements.

Madison, WI – Dairyland Electrical Industries is pleased to formally announce a major innovation in decoupler technology: the PCRX.

After thousands of hours of research, development and field testing, the PCRX represents a major advancement in decoupler technology.  Using sophisticated design techniques that represent the work of numerous leading experts around the world, the PCRX’s camouflage technology renders it completely invisible to close interval survey testing.  This is a major technological advancement that provides a direct benefit to customers experiencing inaccurate CIS readings due to capacitance from decouplers installed on their pipeline and avoids the need to alter testing procedures or disconnect decouplers to take readings.

After nearly 10 years of research and development with multiple extensive field tests, Dairyland spent much of 2019 doing final tests and commercialization of the PCRX design to ensure product performance and capability that meet’s the company’s Always Rugged Always Reliable mantra. Rigorous field tests of the PCRX in a variety of rigorous environments were positive.

“Dairyland’s new product reacts quickly with no perceived error in the pipe to soil readings.” – PCRX Field Tester

“The PCRX provides a clean waveform while maintaining the required safety characteristics.” – PCRX Field Tester

The PCRX features a full range of product ratings and capabilities, along with UL certification to applicable standards.

Dairyland’s PCRX product line is slated for a full launch in N. American markets in late 2020 as the company makes supply chain and manufacturing preparations to meet market demand. Dairyland is planning a limited release program beginning early summer where select customers can purchase the PCRX ahead of its full launch while agreeing to provide Dairyland with marketing support materials in advance of the product’s full release.

“We’ve spent several thousands of hours thoroughly researching this problem, testing numerous prototypes and verifying results through field testing. The PCRX is ready.” – Mike Tachick, President

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About Dairyland Electrical Industries

Over a range of industries and applications, Dairyland has applied the concepts of isolation, grounding, and over-voltage protection to standard and custom products since 1983.  Dairyland deals with a wide variety of applications including AC voltage mitigation, insulated joint protection, gradient control mats and other applications where it is necessary to isolate cathodically protected structures from other equipment or grounding systems.  Dairyland products isolate DC current, ground AC fault current and lightning, and protect equipment and personnel.

Offering the first solid-state solutions to each of these markets, Dairyland remains the leader in the industry, with popular products such as the PCRSSDOVP and OVP2 as well as a full line of accessories to make installation quick and easy.

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