When Quality Matters

Managing Reliability Through Our Supply Chain

Supply chain practices are critical to developing the rugged and reliable products that our customers depend on. At Dairyland, we’ve placed an emphasis on sourcing quality parts from trusted suppliers from the very beginning. Our supply chain team is a critical component for delivering premium quality products to our customers on time. 

Creating a supply chain process that adds value to our customers entails more than most people realize. This includes managing supplier relationships in addition to monitoring manufacturing, scheduling, and production processes. It also serves as a critical strategic function involving risk management, monitoring of global climates and political actions, reviewing of precious metal indexes, and more. Careful analysis is a part of a supply chain strategy that ensures our products are built and delivered to the standard you expect.

One of the more notable areas that sets Dairyland apart is in the selection of our suppliers. Suppliers work as an extension of Dairyland and we hold them to a high standard that aligns with our values. 

One of the ways we do this is through regular and thorough supplier visits. During these audits, our suppliers’ quality systems are extensively reviewed, ensuring they perform to the standards that they claim. However, supplier visits are about more than their processes. Often the most valuable insight comes from things they don’t know are being evaluated. We speak with employees from all departments—from the front office through production—about their work life and watch for signs of employee health, safety, and clean working environments. 

While our supply chain strategy is multifaceted, the focus throughout remains consistent – we thoroughly and rigorously manage every aspect with our customers in mind. The result is clear: quality rugged and reliable products. 

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