Dairyland Guarantee:
Always Rugged

Since our start in 1983, Dairyland has grown to be an industry leader, with products sold into more than 80 countries, solving a wide variety of application challenges. Customers around the globe trust us to provide them with safe, reliable products that work in the harshest technical and environmental challenges that they face. What makes our products so dependable? It starts with our design motto: ALWAYS RUGGED. 



At Dairyland, our goal is to make a safer world. We work tirelessly to deliver to our customers the safest, most reliable products on the market. 

Our product design philosophy is quite simple: we strive to build decouplers that don’t fail, are easy to use, and need no regular maintenance. 

Building products that deliver on the Always Rugged promise requires extensive effort across many departments. Product development begins in our engineering department where our teams use a detailed research and development process to conservatively design products that exceed all reasonable field conditions. Once initial designs are completed, products go through extensive testing in numerous real-world conditions and we gather feedback directly from prospective customers for a refinement phase, ensuring that the final product brought to market is impeccably designed and easy to use. 

Robust designs are just the first step. Next, our supply chain department sources quality parts to meet tight specifications. We look closely for partners that have robust quality systems, treat their employees well, and maintain professional, well-kept manufacturing spaces. This won’t always mean selecting the cheapest materials, but it leads to well-built, quality components that we can rely on – part of our Always Rugged philosophy. 

Finally, our manufacturing team uses detailed quality assurance programs to guarantee that all products are built to the highest quality. From refined processes to inspection and product testing, our teams are dedicated to ef ficiently and consistently building high-quality products. Dairyland is also certified to ISO 9001:2015 quality requirements, ensuring that all processes are regularly evaluated, audited, and improved upon, resulting in premium manufacturing capabilities. 


Decouplers are critical for protecting expensive assets and keeping personnel and the public safe, and we hold ourselves to a very high Always Rugged standard. With this much on the line, you need to be certain that your decouplers will perform as specified. 

Confirming that Dairyland products do what we say they do is our top priority. We maintain an extensive list of internationally recognized third-party product certifications, which verify that our products conform to the recommended electrical and safety codes, and confirm their performance against harsh conditions. Despite the cost and time commitment associated with maintaining these certifications, we insist upon it because it’s important. Our customers can rest assured that their Dairyland products meet all critical performance requirements, fail-safe operation, and address hazardous location needs to ensure product performance, longevity, and safety 



We are working hard to make a safer world, but we’re not finished yet. Dairyland products are used across the globe to address complex application challenges and maintain a failure rate of less than 0.01%. When you invest in Dairyland products you’ll receive premium products that are suited for extreme conditions, resulting in protection for your equipment and safety for your personnel. We’re excited to support you along the way. 

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