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Dairyland Decouplers: How You Can Hit a Home Run on Worker Safety

Having excellent product quality, reliability and support for your products is enough to give yourself an advantage on your cathodic protection system. But a culture that prizes worker safety above all else is how you hit one out of the ball park.

At Dairyland, safety drives the decisions we make. Here are some examples of our commitment to it in action:

Built to Last: We build rugged, reliable decouplers that are practically indestructible. Their failure rate is astonishingly low, with only a handful of reported failures since we first offered them to the corrosion industry in 1994.

Fail-Safe: In the unlikely event that a Dairyland decoupler does fail in the field, it does so safely, as a closed circuit. Other products can fail open, which can expose workers to shock hazards and pipelines to over-voltage conditions.

If your application is in North America, a safe failure mode is typically required by the that country’s National Electric Code. Regardless of where our products are used around the globe, regardless of local regulations, worker safety is still our primary focus. All of our products are “fail-safe”, ensuring safety grounding under all conditions.

Conservative product ratings/designs: We design our decouplers to be exceptionally rugged, reliable and safe. We use engineering and manufacturing processes that have been proven and refined over the decades since we’ve been in business. We source the highest quality materials and components, so our products can withstand the most challenging of environmental extremes. We prefer to err on the side of rugged, reliable and safe performance – no matter what. What does this mean to you? A product you can trust and depend on.

Certification: Each third-party certification that we have painstakingly obtained represents a guarantee – that you’ll get the performance and safety you need, in every application, on every job.

Application advice: We emphasize providing exceptional service across the board, every day. Your technical questions are important to us, and deserve accurate responses which can help you safely address your application challenges. Our highly trained engineering team will help you, whether you end up needing a Dairyland decoupler or not! We know your time is valuable, so we’ve made it a mission to respond promptly, thoroughly and accurately. This intense focus on service has been an integral part of Dairyland’s culture since Henry Tachick founded the company in 1983 and we are proud to continue making it a primary component of Dairyland’s core values.

Our philosophy

When it comes to worker safety, there is no such thing as “good enough.” Would you put your life in the hands of a pilot who had merely “adequate” training? Would you let a surgeon who only had a modest amount of medical training operate on you? Of course not.

We don’t cut corners when it comes to safety. Neither should you when you’re specifying decouplers for your cathodic protection projects. We’re here to ensure that you’ll get the performance and safety you need, in every application, on every job.

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