Over-Voltage Protection of Isolation Joints

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This presentation gives a thorough review of the various types of isolation joints that are typically found along a pipeline or station. The benefits of decouplers for isolated joint protection will be explored in detail.

What you’ll learn/Timeline

Attendees will gain a basic understanding of how isolated fittings work, they will understand why it is important to protect these fittings and how to protect them from AC Faults, Lightning and Steady State AC. Mounting options and best practices will also be explored.
Presentation Time = Approximately 45mins.

Event Info:
  • July 14, 2021, 10:00 am - 11:00 am CDT
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Meet The Speakers

Jay Warner Senior Business Development Leader

In his role as Senior Business Development Leader, Jay helps customers apply Dairyland’s solid-state decoupler technology to corrosion protection systems within energy, utility, marine and rail industries. Jay graduated from Purdue University with degrees in Mechanical Engineering and has a background in control systems across a variety of industries. He and others from Dairyland promote technical awareness of isolation and grounding issues for cathodically protected systems. When not helping customers apply decoupler solutions, Jay enjoys hiking, biking and pretty much anything outdoors. Read Bio.

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